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National Science Foundation

The NSF funds nearly 20 percent of all federally supported basic research by America's colleges and universities. They also collect and report data on the effects of research and development funding worldwide. I was honored to help them make their findings meaningful and accessible to a wider audience online.

Information Architecture

I led IA for the statistics subdirectory of as part of a multi-department redesign effort.

I performed an IA audit and heuristic evaluation revealing where the standing architecture did and did not support the needs of NSF and its online audience.

Data Driven Decisions

Supporting my evaluation with live web usage data, I convinced NSF stakeholders to take action.

Functional Prototyping

I prototyped my solutions in html and javascript; allowing for iterative design, review, and testing in the browser.

Content Strategy

I developed an interactive digest format for NSF’s large biennial reports, emphasizing data visualizations and a focused, narrative driven writing style. I successfully advocated the format with management and authors, resulting in widespread adoption of the digest format throughout the organization.

Interactive Data Visualizations

The digest format was designed to be readily accessible to the general audience. To serve an advanced audience who wants to interact with data and draw their own insights, I designed and prototyped the first interactive data tool for the Science and Engineering Indicators report. I worked with two engineers to fully realize the final product.

United States Census Bureau

Census Enumerators must visit every dwelling in the U.S. to conduct surveys, often encountering adverse weather and connectivity conditions, and dealing with unique household situations that require creative problem solving. This incurs a high logistics cost, especially as deadlines approach.

My agency partnered with Verizon to offer a turn-key mobile service that will decrease travel, training, and field management costs associated with physical survey taking.

User Research, Personas, and Storyboards

My role was to answer the question: "How will this service fit into the lives of enumerators and managers?"

To answer this question, I obtained access to training materials and post-mortem reports from past projects, and I conducted structured and unstructured interviews with veteran Census managers and enumerators, looking for pain points that occurred in extreme cases of geological, weather, and circumstantial household conditions.

I created personas and storyboards showing how our mobile service would seamlessly support Census in the typical as well as extreme cases.

Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group has set the ambitious goal of becoming the global economic and environmental leader among automobile manufacturers by 2018. In support of this goal, my agency is working to provide Volkswagen Group with an inventory management system that provides a simple, powerful, and complete understanding of the vehicle pipeline to any of their dealers and managers worldwide, minimizing operation costs.

UI Design, Wireframes, and Prototypes

When I entered the project, my colleagues had already done much of the hard work of understanding Volkswagen's business needs, but they needed help translating that knowledge into a user centered design. I was able to provide compelling visual evidence that my colleagues’ business analysis represented the right move forward for Volkswagen.

Arc Montgomery County

The Arc Montgomery County is a non-profit organization serving individuals with intellectual disabilities; offering medical, housing, and occupational programs. My agency delivered a data and operations management system that streamlined administrative overhead at the Arc, freeing the organization to focus on caring for their community.

User Research, UI Design, and Quality Assurance Testing

The Arc demonstrated a great interest in providing an effective user experience for its administrators, providing me access to its offices and administrative staff for contextual observation and structured interviews. The arc staff was very forthcoming in discussing bottlenecks, distractions, and workarounds in addition to their wishes for future affordances.

Working closely with Arc stakeholders and end users, I designed workflows and interfaces that reduced errors and duplicate work, and allowed administrators to easily recover from distractions in their work environment.

I brought my focus on user needs to the QA process, designing tests that accounted for user issues such as error recovery, application state awareness, and affordance awareness.

Rockwell Automation

One of the largest industrial automation companies in the world, Rockwell Automation provides automated industrial equipment, software, and services that make their customers more productive and sustainable. They came to me to boost their productivity by applying user centered design to their internal resource management software.

Agile UI Design

Rockwell's enterprise software was in need of a refresh. Their engineers were using agile methodologies to implement new business rules, and the group responsible was looking to update their interface within their sprint. I hit the ground running, and delivered a prototype UI that greatly improved state awareness of Rockwell's resources at a glance. I exceeded their expectations by offering process and interaction improvements they were able to implement in the same sprint.

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